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Get Stronger. Hit Longer. End Pain.

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Streaming Video Library:

All the visual instruction you need to improve your game and end pain.

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On-going updates and information.

Webinars and Podcasts:

Learn about golf and health topics important to your game.

Full Access:

To the complete BackForever program for those with back or neck pain.

A Video Consultation with Dr. James:

Consult with Dr. James on issues regarding back or neck pain that may be affecting your game.

“When I started BackForever, I was in bad shape. Could barely play pool let alone golf… I’m just getting started in GolfForever and it’s even better. I played golf last week for the first time in six months.”

– Bruce Dreffer

“Golfers spend endless money on equipment, golf lessons and stupid gadgets. The best investment I ever made was the least costly: I’ve invested in a strong and healthy core with GolfForever to help my game. Since working with Dr. James, I’ve never felt better and I can play golf without even thinking about my back. I will continue using his techniques because I know it’s the right prescription for a healthy golf back — forever.”

– Tony Caine, Active 61-year old golfer, climber, biker & hiker

“I am elated to report that after working on your program for ten weeks that my neck flexibility has improved dramatically… I now can move my neck to see the line to putt. I am forever in your debt and appreciate your work with neck and back issues.”

– Charles Boeking
Top Three Frequently Asked Questions
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    Why would I pay for golf videos when I can just get them on Youtube® or other sites for free?

    Two words: programming and expertise. GolfForever is a carefully constructed, structured program — not just a collection of exercise videos. One PGA pro and two experts in human biomechanics have taken their knowledge and applied it to the unique physics of golf, resulting in this comprehensive program. The key to building the ultimate golf body with a healthy spine and joints is a progressive program that starts with the fundamentals and builds slowly in a careful, methodical way. Bill Fabrocini and Dr. James first teach you to establish a strong core and powerful, mobile hips before working outward to establish strength and mobility everywhere you need it. The pros didn’t get where they are today by doing random sets of exercises or watching a few videos online. They have coaches who construct programs for them based on the unique requirements of golf and the latest scientific research. Now you can have the same structured training program that the pros get. Bill and Jeremy make sure you have the best version of the most important piece of equipment in a golfer’s bag: a strong body. Justin teaches you the secrets to a great game.

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    What could I possibly learn from GolfForever that a pro can’t teach me?

    Dr. James and Bill Fabrocini offer expertise in the human body and in physical training. Justin Leonard offers his expertise in golf from the perspective of someone who’s played the game as a pro and understands the game’s unique demands. From their combined knowledge of the spine, joints and athletic training, these three experts have developed the most comprehensive training program to enhance any instruction you’ve received from pro golfers. Having strength, mobility and endurance in the right places is just as important for a good swing and long playing life as any instructions taken from a golf pro. If you haven’t trained your body with this program, you’re only reaching half of your potential.

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    Regarding the back pain relief part of this program: How can one back pain program work for everyone? My back is unique — isn’t this just a cookie cutter program?

    The BackForever program (included with your GolfForever membership) is able to work for 95% of candidates because most back and neck pain is the result of two causes: our everyday behaviors and the resulting breakdown in the body’s natural support system for the spine (your core). These behaviors — the way we sit, stand, move and live — are very similar across all Americans. Those with back pain tend to bend, twist, lift, sit, stand, work and play in the same harmful patterns, which degrade and damage their backs over time. BackForever teaches new ways to move and live based on what members tell us they do every day. Members begin the exercise portion of the program from a starting point unique to them. It is based on their own comfort level and our recommendations derived from the information in their self-assessments. First, BackForever shows you how to give yourself instant, short-term relief, Then, the real work begins and you’ll learn how to change your harmful behaviors to make that relief permanent. We teach you to:

    • Stop doing behaviors that prolong and aggravate back pain.
    • Find the position for your back and neck known as your "neutral spine" in which the least amount of damage and pain occurs. Almost everyone (around 95% of members) can find a neutral spine that works for them. This is true no matter what your underlying condition: disc issues, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis or any of the other common spinal conditions.
    • Build endurance and strength in the muscles that support the spine (your core) so you can protect and support the neutral spine all the time.
    • Move, sit and stand in neutral spine.
    • Reintroduce all of your activities with this new pattern of spine-healthy movement, so you can do everything you want to do without pain or fear of damaging your back or neck.

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