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“Get Stronger. Hit Longer. End Pain with the GolfForever Program.” –Justin Leonard, 12-Time PGA Tour Event Winner


“Get Stronger. Hit Longer. End Pain with the GolfForever Program.” –Justin Leonard, 12-Time PGA Tour Event Winner

Feel and play your best ever. GolfForever is a strength and flexibility online video program that transforms your game and your fitness. The most important tool to play the best golf of your life isn’t your clubs, golf lessons or some gadget. It’s your body. Following a physical training program designed specifically for golf is the most important thing you can do. Generating real power behind your swing requires strong, mobile hips and a balanced, stable core. The GolfForever program uses detailed videos that you can stream in the convenience of your home, gym, or on the road. Develop the strength and mobility you need to play your best game, avoid injuries and relieve pain. Try it risk free for 7 days.

Step 1: Activate

Turn on your core and hips to get strength and mobility where you need it the most. Get primed for a powerful swing using GolfForever’s research-based warm-up, designed by PGA pro Justin Leonard and biomechanics experts.

Step 2: Perform

Learn with detailed, streamed videos. PGA champion Justin Leonard shares pro tips; biomechanics experts guide you through simple, effective exercise routines. Develop core strength and hip flexibility for rotational power that doesn’t sacrifice your back and joints.

Step 3: Alleviate

If you are currently experiencing pain, jumpstart your way to better golf with our 10-week back/neck/shoulder pain relief program designed by Dr. Jeremy James, the co-author of the bestselling Younger Next Year Back Book and founder of the Aspen Club Back Institute.

Get Stronger

Build strength in your core and hips. Create the rotational power to hit the ball longer now, and for years to come.

Hit Longer

Your body is your most important tool. Build strength, mobility, and flexibility where you need it to add real distance to your swing.


Suffering from back, neck or joint pain? We’ve got you covered. Included in your membership is full access to Dr. James’s BackForever online program, with an astonishing 80% success rate.

“I have incorporated the GolfForever daily exercises and strength training routine and it has already helped me finish more rounds with no pain and the ball is going farther.”

– Jim Riley
“Golfers spend endless money on equipment, golf lessons and stupid gadgets. The best investment I ever made was the least costly: I’ve invested in a strong and healthy core with GolfForever to help my game. I’ve never felt better and I can play golf without even thinking about my back. I will continue using his techniques because I know it’s the right prescription for a healthy golf back — forever.”

– Tony Caine, Active 61-year old golfer, climber, biker & hiker
“When I started BackForever, I was in bad shape. Could barely play pool let alone golf… I’m just getting started in GolfForever and it’s even better. I played golf last week for the first time in six months.”

– Bruce Dreffer
“I am elated to report that after working on your program for ten weeks that my neck flexibility has improved dramatically… I now can move my neck to see the line to putt. I am forever in your debt and appreciate your work with neck and back issues.”

– Charles Boeking
Co-Developer of the GolfForever programBill Fabrocini, PT, CSCS

Bill Fabrocini, clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapyBill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance coach. During his 30-year career, he has designed exercise programs for major companies and worked with Olympic medalists, professional and collegiate teams, and recreational athletes. Fabrocini specializes in chronic injuries, especially those of the back and hip that are due to repetitive movement dysfunctions. Much of Fabrocini’s work focuses on the integrative concepts of posture, stability and mobility, and how they influence movement.

In addition to his own training and consulting business, Fabrocini is part of the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute; the co-founder of Aspen Core Fitness (ACF), the producer of the TRX Rip Trainer and programs; and the creator of the Aspen Sports Summit, which brings together leaders in sports medicine, fitness and health while raising funds for philanthropic organizations. His articles have been featured in professional trade publications as well as Men’s Health, Skiing, Private Clubs, and Outside Magazine.

Fabrocini coauthored and helped create the exercise program in the “Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program,” the highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times best-seller “Younger Next Year.”

Also by Dr. Jeremy James: The Back Book That's Transformed Lives

A comprehensive guide to ending back pain, The Younger Next Year Back Book uses an acclaimed 5-step protocol. Part of the best-selling Younger Next Year series. The Younger Next Year Back Book is a whole-body plan to conquering back pain forever.

Dr. James’s 5-Step BackForever protocol — with its 80% success rate — uses evidenced-based research and will change your life. Readable, motivational, enjoyable, eliminate your back pain by developing an effective lifelong exercise habit. Living with back pain is hard, conquering back pain is right in front of you.

“This is a great book for back pain sufferers and their caregivers alike. The guidance offered will allow the afflicted to get on a path to recovery and wellness ... To get back to what they love to do.”
– Dr. Todd Albert, Surgeon in Chief and Chief Medical Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York, #1 ranked orthopedic hospital 2017-2018 US News and World Report

Get Stronger. Hit Longer. End Pain.

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