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The BackForever program successfully relieves back and neck pain caused by a wide variety of conditions.

With an over 80% success rate, the program works because most of the underlying causes of back and neck pain, regardless of the specific diagnoses, are the same: the way you bend, twist, lift, sit, stand, work and play in the same harmful patterns and, often, a lack of strength in key muscle groups.

Our program teaches you how to address each of these important factors while also giving you information specific to your condition. Our interactive, digital self-assessment allows us to create each user’s program specific to their individual condition and fitness level. With the right guidance, you have the control to dramatically reduce or relieve your pain.

Use the links on the leftUse the links below to read about common diagnoses related to back and neck pain and how BackForever works to relieve your pain, improve your fitness level and get you back to living the life you love.

End the Pain – Start Today

I have had serious neck stenosis issues for years and to put it simply: Jeremy James’s BackForever protocol has fixed me. A combination of neck and back strengthening exercises, patiently rolled out over time, has made the difference.

-Bob Hurst, NY, former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs