To help us navigate these difficult times, we are pleased to welcome Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, author of the widely acclaimed CROOKED: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery, as a guest blogger. In this new series, she’ll provide insight and valuable tips for staying active and pain-free at home.

So, you read Crooked and started a regular exercise rehab-focused exercise program. You made the Big Commitment, survived the initial discomfort of reconditioning your body, and took a serious look at your sleeping and eating habits and your mental health.

And as a result, you’ve been feeling much better.

person eating pizza on the couchUntil now, that is. With COVID-19 keeping everyone inside, you’ve turned into a sloth. With the gym and exercise studios closed, and the sofa and a plate of warm brownies calling to you, you’ve fallen off the wagon.

It’s time to climb back up, before your back starts to retaliate. (Or maybe it’s already letting you know what it thinks of your new habits.)

Here’s how.

For the last four months, I’ve been at work on a stealth project with a back whisperer extraordinaire. (See Chapter 10 of Crooked if you don’t know that term.)

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jeremy James, your new rehabilitation partner. He’s the founder of BACKFOREVER, an online, evidence-based back pain rehab program that you can access now on your computer screen, where it will be nice and clear and easy to follow.

Dr. James demonstrating back exercise with womanThis is world-class stuff, people. You’ll want to stick with it. In my opinion — and you know how picky I am — it’s as good as working one-to-one with a top trainer. No matter what your situation is — whether you’re crawling to the bathroom, or feeling a-okay and know you need help to stay that way — Jeremy will see you through.

Unanticipated benefit: Many of Jeremy’s training videos are shot in gorgeous locations in Aspen, Colorado. Feast your eyes on stunning scenery while you’re stuck indoors for who knows how long. It’s a great anxiety-reduction strategy.

Get up. Get online and get moving. All you need is a computer or a tablet. You can even use your phone. And Crooked’s fans get the first month free. If you got here from my social media, you already have a discount code. If not, come follow me HERE to get your discount, I’ve pinned the code to the top of my page. There is life after this — and you want to be ready for it.

Just between us, I’ve been every bit as slothful as you have. That plate of warm brownies on the sofa — I admit it. That was me. Keep it between us, okay?

See you tomorrow. The world is shut down, but we’ll be back in business.

~ Cathryn

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin is the author of Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery, and currently serves as a consultant to BACKFOREVER.