In our last post, you read about why our Daily Routines are so helpful. If that’s so, then why do we need to strength train? Why buy the equipment or join a gym? Trust me, don’t underestimate the importance of strength training. It’s crucial to your recovery and to a long, healthy life.


Strength Training and Back and Neck Health


It is very common to lift, push or pull things in daily life. The heavier the load of the object being moved, the more strength you need to move it while also protecting your joints in the process. Your muscles respond to stimuli by growing. The heavier the stimuli, the more they grow.

There is only so much growth you can get out of doing exercises in which your own body is the weight you are resisting, however. To promote enough growth in your muscles to do the things required of most of us on a daily basis, you have to add extra load to the workouts. This is done by strength training. The tools we use in the BACKFOREVER program, such as bands, dumbbells and medicine balls, allow you to stimulate the extra growth that would be impossible without them.

Think of it this way: BACKFOREVER‘s Daily Routines return your body to a point of healthy balance from which you can carry yourself around pain-free. The Strength Training workouts allow you to return to activities common to daily life (think lifting your children or grandchildren) as well as the sports that contribute so much to our health and overall well being, including skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, cycling etc…without pain or injury.

Strength Training and Overall Health

There are countless benefits to strength training beyond just prevention of pain. More and more studies show that strength training causes a complex chain reaction of events in your body that slow aging, improve mental sharpness, prevent dementia, increase sex drive, improve mood, increase energy, increase bone mass, balance and much much more.

We know that strength training can be intimidating, which is why we have done our best to make the instructions easy to follow and the routines fun and engaging. Remember we are always an email or phone call away if you have questions or concerns.

Change comes with commitment. Try the BACKFOREVER program and you won’t recognize yourself in a year.

In health,

Dr Jeremy James
and the BACKFOREVER team

Dr. Jeremy James

Dr. Jeremy James founded and was director of the Aspen Club Back Institute in Aspen, Colorado, is the coauthor of the bestselling The Younger Next Year Back Book and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States. Learn more about Dr. James here.