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BACKFOREVER is video-based learning that uses simple, safe, non-intimidating exercise and educational routines you can do from the convenience of your home. Systematically, safely and slowly, we make simple daily changes that work when nothing else has.

Access your program from any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Your Spine is Under Attack (by you)

Most of us do not stand or move properly. How we sit, stand, move, exercise-how we do pretty much everything- strains and pressures our bodies all day, every day creating damage.

Movement is Everything

“Bad” backs usually mean we stop moving. In fact, re-learning proper movement and then moving often are the keys to happy mobility and pain-free living. Master the foundations in the first week of BACKFOREVER videos.

Our very first correction

NEUTRAL SPINE. The key to all pain-free movement. Learn it and apply it on day one.

Training Wrong is Worse than Doing Nothing

Micro-injuries can happen every moment. Often the routines advised by trainers and others do more harm than good. Learn what’s best for you from the spine out. Do no harm.


man with child on shoulders - proving he has strong back


Developed from Dr. Jeremy James’ years treating patients at the renowned Aspen Club Back Institute in Aspen Colorado and his own journey to relieve himself from debilitating pain. BACKFOREVER teaches you how to make the changes to get your life back, free of pain.


  • Relieve and prevent back and joint pain
  • SAFELY increase mobility, flexibility and strength
  • Prevent common declines associated with aging

Stay committed with easy to follow exercise routines you can do from home.

I suffered for years with intense low back pain. I saw chiropractors, a massage therapist, doctors and acupuncturists but never experienced any lasting relief. Jeremy James’s BACKFOREVER program taught me how to move and exercise to permanently end the pain. Now I am able to live my life free of the stress and fear of debilitating pain.

-Kay Dunton

I have had neck and back issues for years that have prevented me from doing simple movements such as lifting anything overhead. Certain movements would cause excruciating neck pain that would last for days. I dreaded these episodes so much I avoided these movements at all costs. Chiropractors and physical therapists would always provide me with short-term relief once I was in pain, but they never showed me how to stop these things on my own. Within days on Dr. James’s BACKFOREVER program, it helped me regain enough strength in my back and upper body to allow me to lift overhead without these episodes. In addition, my low back feels better than it has in many years. If I follow the program, I feel great.

-Richard Jelinek*, Co-Founder and CEO of Medicus Systems Corporation Mediflex Systems Corporation, Former Chairman of the Board of Knowledge Data Systems and Lifemark Corporation

I am a mother of four and love to exercise and stay active. Surprisingly, a lot of my exercises and activities were contributing to my recurring back problems. Now, following the BACKFOREVER program, I am almost always completely pain free. When I do have the occasional mild flare up, I know how to end it myself, thanks to the knowledge I got from Dr. James’s careful teaching. I am now more active than I was 10 years ago.

-Juliette Ferrell, Aspen, CO