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First, learn various techniques (pressure point manipulation, simple stretches and movements) for immediate pain relief.


Pain starts with every-day triggering behaviors. Learn to recognize and stop doing them.


One of the keys to freedom from back and neck pain forever is a balanced, functioning core. Give your spine the support it needs, for the rest of your life.


Get your life back. Return to the sports and other activities that made life great, but with the strength, posture and knowledge to do them pain-free.


The other key to permanent relief is a life-long exercise habit….one you carry out as regularly and automatically as brushing your teeth. After a while, it starts to feel good. Let BackForever be your “personal trainer” for life with an ever evolving library of fun, challenging, spine-healthy workouts to keep you in top shape.

I started working with Jeremy in 2014 after suffering for years with episodes of very intense low back pain. It all started with a fall in 2000 that caused permanent damage to my SI joint. Since the fall I would experience regular periods of terrible low back and pelvic pain and a feeling of being out of alignment. I was told that the fall caused a sprain to ligaments in my pelvis, resulting in a permanently unstable SI joint. I saw many chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, and acupuncturists. While some of these were able to give me short term relief, I never experienced any lasting relief. I lived in constant fear that bending down to pick something up or some other formerly insignificant activity would cause days of pain. Jeremy taught me how to use the muscles in my core to support my SI joint and guided me through a program to strengthen the muscles in my pelvis to keep myself in alignment. He also showed me how to move so that I could go through life without the fear of putting myself “out.” Once I got my low back pain under control, Jeremy upped my workouts to include movements and fast paced exercises I would have not thought possible. If I follow his protocol I am mostly pain free. My episodes are far less frequent and much less severe if they do happen. They are usually a result of me doing something I shouldn’t have done or falling off of the exercise wagon. I am now able to live my life free of the stress and fear of debilitating pain.

-Kay Dunton,

I have had serious neck stenosis issues for years and to put it simply: Jeremy has fixed me. A combination of neck and back strengthening exercises, patiently rolled out over time, has made the difference. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, easy to work with, and a great guy – [an] unbeatable combination!

-Bob Hurst, NY, former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs

I was referred to Jeremy by a close friend who had a great outcome with him. I have had neck and back issues for years that have prevented me from doing simple movements such as lifting anything overhead. Certain movements would cause excruciating neck pain that would last for days. I dreaded these episodes so much I avoided these movements at all costs. Chiropractors and physical therapists would always provide me with short-term relief once I was in pain, but they never showed me how to stop these things on my own. Within a few sessions, Jeremy helped me regain enough strength in my back and upper body to allow me to lift overhead without these episodes. In addition, my low back feels better than it has in many years. If I follow Jeremy’s program, I feel great.

-Richard Jelinek, NY, Co-Founder and CEO of Medicus Systems Corporation Mediflex Systems Corporation, Former Chairman of the Board of Knowledge Data Systems and Lifemark Corporation

When one lives in pain it is difficult to not feel defeated by age. Not one to ever just give up, I began asking those I respect and admire what I should do, and the name that was repeatedly recommended to me was Jeremy James at the Back Institute. Within only eight weeks, the pain dissipated from his muscle release methods, his exercise training, and his homework assignments. I feel very fortunate to have had Jeremy help me to get back on my mountain bike and my skis again, and although I may need a tune up from time to time, I have a new license on life and am back to playing hard and enjoying life to its fullest.

-Jillian Livingston, Basalt, CO

Most of my friends close to my age have problems with their backs. Jeremy was one of the few chiropractors, trainers, or physical therapists who first analyzed the source of my problem and prescribed exercises that focused on minimizing the pain I was dealing with daily. I have always felt and believed that Jeremy’s attention to my issues were personal to me, and effective in order to help me live my life normally.

-Arthur Bellis, New York, NY

When I found Jeremy, I was recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back and in quite a bit of pain. Through our work together and the expertise and exercises he has provided, I now have a daily maintenance program for my lower back that has kept me pain free and has me keeping an active lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Jeremy any higher for anyone who is dealing with low back issues. Complete, comprehensive care second to none.

-Frank Newman, Kansas City, MO

I am a mother of four and love to exercise and stay active. Surprisingly, a lot of my exercises and activities were contributing to my recurring back problems. Jeremy quickly identified and cut the harmful exercises out of my routine and introduced safe alternatives. He also investigated things I would never have thought of which ended up being contributors to my back problem, including my mattress and the way I rode my bike in spin class. Now following Jeremy’s rules, I am almost always completely pain free. When I do have the occasional mild flare-up, I know how to end it myself thanks to the knowledge I got from Jeremy’s careful teaching. I am more active than I was 10 years ago.

-Juliette Ferrell, Aspen, CO

I started working with Jeremy in March of 2015 after struggling with often debilitating back and neck pain due to disc problems, stenosis, and multiple surgeries with varying degrees of success. The chronic pain had really started to erode my quality of life, interfer[e] with sleeping and [my] enjoy[ment of] my usual sports and other activities. Not knowing how severe my pain would be on any given day started to take an emotional toll as well, as I felt that my activities were limited by my pain level and I was fearful of doing things. Jeremy was excellent at addressing the various joint and muscular problems that were preventing me from fully healing; however, it was truly his attention to ALL the contributing factors related to my pain that was unusual and extraordinary. Jeremy was the first person to address my spine problems holistically, taking into account emotional, nutritional and postural factors. I came to realize that my unconscious reaction to stress would cause increased muscular tension that would really flare up my back and neck pain. As I became aware of this cycle, Jeremy helped me to break this stress response through breathing exercises and increased body awareness. Coupled with an easy-to-follow program of daily maintenance exercises, the results have been remarkable. After working with Jeremy for months, first to assess my musculoskeletal issues taking all factors into account, then working to gradually strengthen core muscles and other vital supportive muscles, I finally reached a place of stability and control. Jeremy taught me a fairly simple routine to maintain the progress I had made. Despite the significant anatomic problems in my spine, as long as I am disciplined and do my exercises faithfully 5-6 days a week, I am able to live my life to the fullest. I now feel like I have the tools and the confidence to understand what is happening if I begin to have a flare up and what I need to do to quickly reduce or eliminate the pain. The best part is that I can now sleep pain-free and getting enough rest is a huge factor in my well-being.

Thank you, Jeremy James!

-Anne Hall, Aspen, CO

I was very limited in the exercises and activities I could do. Jeremy took the time to explain the anatomy and mechanisms causing my back pain. He showed me how to control muscles that support the back that I did not even know existed! In only four days I was free of lower back pain and able to do exercises and movements that I had not been able to do in 10 years.

-Lesley Friedman, NY, NY

Three years ago, I had back pain so bad I could not tie my own shoes. I was referred to Jeremy and went through his 5 step Protocol. After a few months of discipline and adherence to the program it completely solved the problem. To put it simply, he gave me my life back.

-Tony Caine, Aspen, CO, Founder of Spyglass, Inc.



Jeremy James had agonizing back pain as a young man and decided then to devote his life to its study and cure. The result: the Dr. James 5-step Method, which has an astonishing 95% success rate among those who are candidates. The 15-20% of back pain sufferers who are not candidates can quickly identify themselves with the simple assessment test. There is nothing else in the field that comes close to that kind of success.


It is not a “one-size-fit’s-all” program, but everyone starts with basics that do apply to all: finding the neutral spine, understanding core strength, understanding the importance of proper movement. As you move into the Method, it gets more specific. But ending pain is always the point. There are critical steps to get rid of pain in the short term, so that you can actually do the more complex movements. Then you move on to the equally critical steps to end pain permanently, which are quite different. The ultimate goal for most: to live pain free for the rest of your life. For a few, it means reducing pain from “agony” (7-10 on a scale if 10) to “annoyance” (1-3 on that scale). Either way, you get your life back. THAT is the goal.


Success for the vast majority of members is a significant or complete reduction in pain.


Do this on your own schedule in the convenience of your home. No more fighting traffic or schedule conflicts.


Sleep better, increase strength, lower anxiety, feel better.


You will likely begin to feel changes within one week of starting this program. You just need to do the work.


Progress through this program and get back to things you never thought you would do again. Free yourself from pain and empower yourself to take charge of your healing.


For less than $.64 per day you can help yourself get your life back — forever. Membership is just $19/month, so stop wasting money on programs that don’t work!
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“A combination of strength training, flexibility training, and aerobic exercise is likely the most effective method for treating low back pain.”



I’ve learned a secret from Dr. Jeremy James – the same strength and flexibility program that gives you a more powerful swing also relieves back and joint pain.” – Justin Leonard, 12-Time PGA Tour Event Winner