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First, learn to use various techniques (pressure point release, simple stretches, spine-healthy movements) for immediate pain relief.


Pain starts with every-day triggering behaviors. Learn to recognize and stop doing them.


One of the keys to freedom from back and neck pain forever is a balanced, functioning core. Give your spine the support it needs, for the rest of your life.


Get your life back. Return to the sports and other activities that made life great, but with the strength, posture and knowledge to do them pain-free.


The other key to permanent relief is a life-long exercise habit….one you carry out as regularly and automatically as brushing your teeth. After a while, it starts to feel good. Let BackForever be your “personal trainer” for life with an ever evolving library of fun, challenging, spine-healthy workouts to keep you in top shape.

Three years ago, I had back pain so bad I could not tie my own shoes. I was referred to Jeremy and went through his 5 step Protocol. After a few months of discipline and adherence to the program it completely solved the problem. To put it simply, he gave me my life back.

-Tony Caine, Aspen, CO, Founder of Spyglass, Inc.

I have had serious neck stenosis issues for years and to put it simply: Jeremy has fixed me. A combination of neck and back strengthening exercises, patiently rolled out over time, has made the difference. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, easy to work with, and a great guy – [an] unbeatable combination!

-Bob Hurst, NY, former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs

Following back surgery in the fall of 2014 and physical therapy to recover, I was introduced to Jeremy through a friend. [It] could have been one of the most significant introductions of my life. His series of foundational exercises have helped me rebuild from the inside out and are still a part of my daily routine three years later. Incorporating his ideas into my workout has made my core so much stronger than [it] ever was, and it allows me to participate in so many of the activities we live for here in Colorado. I love to ski, hike, mountain bike, and even coach youth football. The coolest part is I get do these things with my two kids (ages 9 and 11) thanks to Jeremy.

-Bubba Eggleston, Aspen, CO, CNE, Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty

I am a mother of four and love to exercise and stay active. Surprisingly, a lot of my exercises and activities were contributing to my recurring back problems. Jeremy quickly identified and cut the harmful exercises out of my routine and introduced safe alternatives. He also investigated things I would never have thought of which ended up being contributors to my back problem, including my mattress and the way I rode my bike in spin class. Now following Jeremy’s rules, I am almost always completely pain free. When I do have the occasional mild flare-up, I know how to end it myself thanks to the knowledge I got from Jeremy’s careful teaching. I am more active than I was 10 years ago.

-Juliette Ferrell, Aspen, CO


Jeremy James had agonizing back pain as a young man and decided then to devote his life to its study and treatment. The result: the Dr. James 5-Step Method has an astonishing 95% success rate among those whose back pain is amenable to this treatment.* Nothing else out there comes close to that kind of success.

This exercise and lifestyle modification protocol is not a one-size-fits-all program, but everyone starts with basics that do apply to all: finding the neutral spine, understanding core strength, understanding the importance of proper movement. As you move into the Method, it gets more specific. But ending pain is always the point. Using simple but critical steps to eliminate pain in the short term, you can actually do the more complex exercises and movements right from the start. Then you move on to the equally critical advanced steps to end pain permanently.

The ultimate goal for most: to live pain free for the rest of your life. For a few, it means reducing pain from agony (7-10 on a scale of 10) to annoyance (1-3 on that scale). Either way, you get your life back. THAT is the goal.

* The 15% to 20% of back pain sufferers who are not candidates for the 5-Step Method can quickly identify themselves with a simple assessment test. We strongly recommend you consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Success with the vast majority of members is complete elimination or drastic reduction of pain.


No more doctor visits or copays. Do this on your schedule in the convenience of your own home. Feel empowered to work on your own time.


Sleep better, increase strength, lower anxiety, feel better.


You will likely begin to feel changes within two weeks of starting this program. You just need to do the work.


Progress through this program and get back to things you never thought you would do again. Free yourself from pain and empower yourself to take charge of your healing.


For less than $.64 per day you can help yourself get your life back — forever. Membership is just $19/month, so stop wasting money on programs that don’t work!
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“A combination of strength training, flexibility training, and aerobic exercise is likely the most effective method for treating low back pain.”

– National Center for Biotechnology Information